The Making of ‘City Wheel’

Inspired by wooden wagon wheels, this piece references the pilgrimage many make from the countryside to the city, in search of fortune, fame and freedom.
City Wheel is composed of wedge shaped pieces of cherry, oak, ash, and maple. After a few preliminary drawings to determine the geometry of each piece, a template was made to assure each was made to the correct angle. Next, I put my headphones on, found a good rhythm to work to, and started cutting. I find this work to be very relaxing and therapeutic, an escape from some of the hyper-technical aspects of woodworking. Each piece is intricately cut using a band saw, no two alike, a reference to the idea that cities are the land of endless possibility.
Check out this short time lapse video of the city wheel being made:

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13 thoughts on “The Making of ‘City Wheel’

  1. This is absolutely incredible… I checked out your entire gallery and was lost in it for quite a while… It makes me wish to retrace my steps in school and follow the path to product design! Your furniture is also very inspiring. I would love to have that three drawer desk in my house!!!

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  8. Absolutely stunning! Stumbled onto your site looking for something else and now I keep coming back just to have another look. I’m very sorry I missed the kickstarter project. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, truly inspiring!

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